I wanted to compile a list of travel tips that I found useful while traveling abroad (and nationally) as a college student.  Hopefully someone out there will find this useful.

1. buying  a ticket:

So you’ve decided to go to some faraway land like India or maybe some place not quite so far away like Boston or Chicago.  And you need a ticket.  What should you do?

First, the best thing you can do is try to schedule your trip in advance as the closer you get to your date, the more the tickets tend to costs.  Even if it’s just your ticket to come home for Thanksgiving, try buying it in September or early October and you will probably save a pretty penny.

In addition to early scheduling, try searching out ticket prices on comparison flight sites so that you can get a quick snapshot of the price range for your desired destination.

However, I suggest that once you have an idea of what tickets are going for you should — Go Directly to the websites of the  air carriers with the cheaper prices.  In my experience their prices tend to be a few dollars cheaper than these price comparison sites.

On top of that, buying a ticket directly from the airline means that in the case of cancellation or flight time change you will be notified by the airline.  (I had a very scary experience with this back in 2005, the flight for a ticket purchased from a flight comparison site was changed to two hours earlier.  But, because I had not purchased from the air line directly I was not informed of this until arriving at the airline two whole hours later!  Imagine my dismay.  I nearly missed the international flight to which I was trying to connect… don’t let this be you).

B.  If you are a student or otherwise affiliated with a University, student discount sites may also be a good place to look for cheap tickets.  Plus, some of them even offer you one free return date change  or a highly discounted date change fee should you need it.  This, may come in handy, should you need to lengthen your stay for an internship or shorten it for one. Make sure to go to a reputable site like statravel or studentuniverse.  Keep in mind though, their fares may not be the cheapest, but they are just one more bow in your quiver of cheap travel strategies.

C. Ask around and check out budget airlines and their fares.  These airlines tend to offer deep discounts and in some cases fares as low as 1cent!  But remember to weigh your options carefully with budget airlines, especially those in Europe.  They tend to charge you for bags and fly into lesser known airports.  Sometimes if you add up the cost of a transportation from random airport X to the city center and or luggage fees the cost of your trip may be comparable to scheduling a flight with a big name airline that arrives and departs from a major airport like Heathrow, de Gaulle, Frankfurt etc.

you can find a list of budget airlines Here

That’s about it for now!  Happy Flying!

* These tips are just that tips, they are no guarantee of  the cheapest or greatest flying experience.

– Moderator, theblackexperienceabroad