Yemen has never been one of the most popular vacation spots on earth.  I would say it’s probably one of the world’s best kept secrets.   The highest altitude on the Arabian peninsula (or so I was told, time and time again when I was there, Yemen is not a rich country but it’s history, landscapes, and (if you are so inclined) Arabic language learning opportunities are worthwhile.   I enjoyed my time there and most people that I have come across who’ve been have enjoyed it.  Whatever the outcome of the current unrest/revolution in progress there, most people will not get a chance to go to Yemen.  For those of you who have never experienced Yemen, feast your eyes on this.

Roof top, Sanaa

The old city of Sanaa, the Yemeni capital is recognized by the UN as world heritage site.  The nice part about Old Sanaa is that many of the buildings are quite tall.  And so, the views from the rooftops are awesome:

Rooftop Photo of Where Historic Sanaa ends and the New City Begins


The view from the ground wasn’t too bad either.

Some people say the buildings look like gingerbread houses.

And then of course there is the landscape:

But everything was not completely unfamiliar:

KFC.... or as Yemeni tax drivers call it, "Kentucky"

Pizza Hut

GDS – Yemen, May-June 2007