If you are a person of African decent that has spent some time abroad and would like to share your experience with us, then submit an essay for posting!

Your perspective is in an important one as each entry contributes to this sites goal of being a one-stop shop for reflections and advice on being black and being abroad.

Here are the rules:

This blog operates on the good faith principle that those who submit are indeed of African Decent and have been to the countries they claim to have visited. If it is discovered that you misrepresented yourself or information on your post, then your post will be promptly removed.

There is no financial compensation for submitting an entry, but you  retain the right to resubmit this work anywhere else, at any time.

This blog assumes no responsibility for plagiarism of any text.

This blog assumes no responsibility for the views and ideas expressed on this blog.  Each entry is reflects the viewpoint of the entry contributor.

You should not supply full names or addresses  of persons in your entry, for protection of their identity.  Initials and pseudonyms are best .

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any submission for any reason including but not limited to: suspicion of being a false entry,  excessively inflammatory text ,texts that use excessive swearing, defamatory language  and/or  texts that may incite others to violence.

Send your complete, edited writing in the body of email (do not send attachments) to the following email address:


in the subject put:– black experience entry-(name of country that is the subject of the essay)

include at the top of the email body the following information:

Your first and last name

The country that is the subject of your post

The time period that you stayed in that country according to month(e.g. January-June 2010  )

Time period that your submission pertains to (if different)

Feel free to send any pictures of landscapes and inanimate objects that you would like to be posted. (Pictures in which the identities/features of people are clearly visible people will not posted.)

Feel free to send the link to your own personal blog if it contains entries about your experiences abroad.

You *should receive a response to your entry within 1-2 weeks.